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I have heard the ultra-conservative preachers already crying that this quake and tsunami were God's punishment to this sinful world for all of its greed and (of course) homosexuality. I bite my lip to keep from screaming at the radio that a lot of the places hit were neither wealthy nor were they strong endorsers of homosexuality. If He were truly punishing this greedy and disgusting world with acts of nature, I believe He'd be working on those pharisees first.
No, to truly understand grief and to refrain from callous comments, we must comprehend that 100,000 people may have just gone to Hell in the matter of a few minutes. And then we mourn with those who mourn, even when we mourn for an eternal loss while they mourn for temporal. The grief is too great for words.
In the end, we trust in the just, righteous and holy God who sits on high. And we ask that He work through us and still our tongues and our thoughts which judge so quickly, when only He has the right to judge.


Well said. As scripture says, "judgment begins with the house of God." This is what I think many radio preachers need to keep in mind.

If this disaster doesn't spur a new missions movement to Asia then we're all worse than the Sodomites ever were.

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