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I have to say Greg I think you are right. No support for Castro but I think it is time to lift the blockade. My understanding is that a lot of american products make it into Cuba just fine through third part countries that sell them things purchased from American companies. Of course it seems that we are not resorting to blockades so much anymore we just go right to carpet bombing...so maybe the blockade is not so rough. I have never understood why Cuba allows us to have a military presence there while we are not even allowed to visit Cuba. Maybe you could shed some light on this...Ask DR. History...


We "retained" the Guantanamo Bay area in a treaty with a pre-Castro Cuban government many years before Castro took power. Castro has had no choice but to honor the treaty due to the overwhelming superiority of the U.S. military.

You are right in that blockades are somewhat a step above carpet bombings but I'm really wondering what would happen if instead of embargoes we encouraged more things like university exchanges, sister city partnerships, etc.

One aspect I hope comes about from the Information Age is that we as individuals and institutions (especially non-government ones) can have a free exchange of relationships and ideas. This is happening with Cuba despite the Castro government's preference for controlling information - but stopping the world wide web from entering & affecting Cuba would be akin to Nero trying to stop the Mediterranean tides (if you recall your Roman history Nero had his legions "flog" the ocean to punish it for resisting his control).

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