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While you recognise some of the failings of the Religious Right, I don't think you go far enough or deep enough. The problem with American Evangelicalism isn't that it is out of touch with the shifting demographics of contemporary American culture. It is rather that it is itself a cultural construct centered more on the American Dream than the Gospel of Christ, lightly sprinkled with cherry-picked scriptures and a peculiarly inconsistent set of moral values. The redefining of Mormonism as 'not a cult' in order to justify endorsing a Republican candidate was the final straw and showed how malleable Evangelical belief really is when it comes to the more important business of politics. One could say that American Evangelicalism has many of the characteristics of a cult itself with so much of its grip based on fear. I am glad to hear that 20% of Evangelicals in the US didn't vote for Romney and I look forward to seeing that percentage grow. Not all Christians were crying from the depths on November 6th - some of us were thanking God for another four years!

Chip Watts

I'm afraid the Christian Right will regroup and soldier on, led by Limbaugh. Interesting, I think, that the Christian right that once was fronted by Rev. Falwell is essentially following conservative radio and TV personalities with no overt religious affiliation. Amazing how easily they supported a Morman candidate who appeared semiconservative.
The Religious Right is becoming as irrelavent as mainline denominationalism. Just as the old denominations are fading and we see the growth of several dynamic newer fellowships and Christian organizations, the religious right that had it's hey day under Reagan will fade. Hopefully, it will be replaced by an apolitical or nonpolitical, gospel sharing, life giving army of footwashers who will change society from the bottom up (serving) instead of from the top down (via political power).

El Goyo

Andrew, did you read this part of the article above?

"I maintain it is precisely because the Kingdom of God is truly foreign to so many of us. We believe Jesus to be a good Savior but a terrible political philosopher. We believe Him to be a good philanthropist but a poor economist. We praise Him as an otherworldly Savior on Sunday mornings but fail to apply this salvation - embodied in a Kingdom on earth which is as socio-political and counter-cultural as it is spiritual - for the other six days. This leaves the rest of the week, our out of the church building existence, to the other kingdom, the earthly, eerily Roman one, as espoused by the Republican party, a party who promised to rescue our country and restore "Bibical values" to our democracy."

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