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I hope the senior pastor is aware of the situation and will back you up!

Greg in Mexico

Yes, he is and I know that he was just as concerned about the "exorcism manual" as I was. Situations like this are all the more difficult here because it's such a non-confrontational culture and so you have to work around that context. But humility and kindness create a good atmosphere so I'm focusing on those first!


Wow - life is never dull and sometimes we wish it was!

Being a teacher myself I understand - it is a challenge. Very easy to make a whole host of unedifying mistakes while we make sure we're "correct"!

I hope and pray things are progressing well in this situation.

Kitchen Benchtops

"Experts in everything"?? Of course we ourselves are not above correction, the role of teachers in the Body of Christ is an important one. Do you also think this way?

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