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I downloaded the JOE document. It's 56 pages long, and 2487 KB. Can your e-mail accept something that big? I assume that's big since it is 56 pages, but I know nothing about these things!

I'm surprised no one has sent it to you already. Just in case they have, I'll wait to hear back from you.


210 Leadership Blog


I have so much more respect for you. It's so incredible to me that you would choose to be in a place where you're putting yourself at risk- for the sake of being a light in a dark world, and to show people where life can be found. Hats off to you man, great is your reward in heaven.

I've been keeping a close eye on the crime that's been spinning out of control in Mexico and the reign of terror of the cartels and the kidnappings etc., and my heart really goes out to the people - who have to suffer while the government tries to get their act together.

I'm so impressed with you man.

let me know if you still need that pdf emailed to you.

Greg and Jan

Linda - someone sent it to me. Thanks for asking!

Hervict - you are too kind. Thank you for the encouragement. I feel God's presence and hand of protection over me and my family in ways that I've never felt. While I personally don't feel like we're that much in danger - you are right in that the Mexican people are suffering greatly. God bless you!

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