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Well, I found it interesting. I like hearing about your everyday life.
Glad the sun is back out for you.
Lv u, Mom (Nana)


Are you kidding...none of it worth its own blog...A Nut Fair...not worth its own blog. NPR could probably do an entire hour on a nut fair. I mean...what kind of nut. Crazy people? Almonds? Who comes to the nut fair? Why do they come...besides something to look at.
Who are the people behind the nut fair? How have their lives been tied so closely to nuts? Have their children's lives been effected by their connection to nuts? Really this could be quit the blog on its own...maybe even a documentary. Now the water ballon fight I am not so sure of. You all take care and enjoy looking at the stuff at the nut fest!


You are RIGHT, Connie! I stand corrected, and when the Nut Fair begins I will make sure to take lots of pictures and explain it more in detail. Are you sure you don't want to hear about the water balloon fight as well? It was quite the event!

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