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If you don't mind, I'm going to post a link to this article at our ministry site.

We've been sharing about our ministry and life in Mexico with those we've met in the States during the past couple of weeks. Folks find it hard to believe that the alcoholism rate among men in our village is over 70% (possibly as high as 90%). We've seen the houses of the drug cartel. They are our neighbors. It's a different world down here, and I definitely see the parallels between Sinaloa and Gotham. Thanks for another really well-written article!


Hi Rebecca,

These are sad, very tragic facts about Mexico and they underlie the urgency of the church to rise up there. I'm always a bit apprehensive about posting posts like these last two because people in the U.S. read them and are petrified about bringing groups down. I like to point out, however, that the Drug War in Mexico is between three entities: the police, the cartels, and the army. While the war is real, I don't think the danger is so great as to affect the short-termers (as long as they use wisdom and LISTEN to the locals and the missionaries!).


I agree completely, Greg. While we are aware of the drug problems/corruption in our area, we still have no hesitation to let our children ride their bikes to the local market or play at the local basketball court without us present...both of which are things we would NEVER have permitted when we lived in the States.

We've heard the same concerns from teams who have come down here, but we have yet to have any major problems.

I really appreciate your insight. Thanks for your posts!!! I linked to you at our ministry site: http://thecoultfamily.blogspot.com

Bendiciones, hermanos!!!


Wow. Those are hard facts.
But you're right: North American Christians need these shakes-ups, since it's so easy to slip into comfortable lives here, far away from any visible hurts.

It's something perking on the back of my mind these past few months. I've recently moved to downtown Winnipeg for the summer. I'm going to get married in the fall and move out into the country with my farm-girl of a wife who would wither living in a suburb, nevermind the core. I've turned down a great opportunity to minister with an inner-city mission so we can get our "married feet" under us, and so that she can be comfortable in her home in the sticks for at least our first year together.

But it's going to be hard to move from this place. What right do I have to move out to the Mennonite countryside when I know there are so many hurting people (and kids!) right here in the Core? I don't have an answer yet, but I know how tempting it is to just settle down, join a peaceful little church, and raise a peaceful little family. Still, I know there are parts of the world outside that protective bubble that are burning.

Not to mention the decay that is everywhere in these peaceful little settings, happening just below the surface. Everyone thinks they're alright, but in reality, they're hurting just as much as that drunk woman on Ellice I was chatting with. The Christians in the nice parts (I) have their (my) mask all worked out, so that no one (myself included) need to face the reality of the issue: That we're ALL really broken. Really, really broken, and we need God to fix us. It's that bad.

The difference is that we're too prideful to admit it, and the people down here don't have any pride left.

Sorry, these are my own blog musings that never got posted before I went to camp. Guess they had to get out somewhere, eh?

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