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That was well-written. In fact, that was so well written that you make me want to watch the movie just so I can look for more parallels.

I had similar issues with the last Batman movie, but thought perhaps they would deal with the "who I am inside" question in the next. I guess they didn't. What we do may define us, but it certainly won't redeem us and neither will it rescue us from evil -- inside or outside.

Thanks for sharing your views on this film. I think I made the right choice to keep the kids away from this one for now.



I'm quite sure it's you guys who taught me how to find the absolute truths founded in Christianity in every movie I see. I believe it started with Chocolat. Thanks for that! As for The dark Knight movie, I want to watch it again b/c I do think there are all kinds of parallels within it that remind us of how the enemy works and how we need to watch ourselves, and recognize what ultimately fuels us ... our calling, a romance, an obligation to society ... etc.

the article on you guys comes out manana :-)


Heya Greg!
I'm all for finding common ground between Christian and cultural concepts, but I'm not sure I really agree with some of your conclusions. Just a sec. I'll re-read and see if I get a different impression. BRB.

Ok. I'm back. I think I'm on-board with what you're saying except at the very end. (I'll confess right now that I'm a bit of a Batman-nerd, so please indulge me a moment while I geek out on your blog here for a sec ;)

You said, "They both stoop to the Joker's evil level" but I think the thesis of the movie was the very opposite.

****** SPOILER ALERT ******

I think the Joker was convinced that deep down, everyone was as psychotic and deranged as he was. He intended to prove that with the two ferries. He knew that, given the right circumstances, normal, law-abiding people could become ruthless killers as well. And he was proven wrong.

Secondly, his sense of joy came from the fact that he knew Batman WOULDN'T sink to his level. He knew that he could kill people helter-skelter, and that Batman would not take a life. That question was supposed to be the weight behind their final confrontation and is propulsion behind their stories in the comics: What do you do when a killer refuses to stop killing? Do you kill him and sink to his level, or do you allow him to live knowing that he may kill again? Batman made his choice, and it was a good one.

Now then, if you want to talk about Christian parallels in the movie, we need to talk about Two Face. Ohhhh, how I could talk about Two Face. There is no fictional character I can empathize with more than Two Face, the poor soul so caught between his desire to do good, and a yearning to do what is wrong. Granted, my own free will isn't so debilitated that I need a coin to decide which impulse to act on, however I know what it feels like to know the right thing to do and still desire to do the wrong thing. (Insert optional interpretation of Romans 7 here.)

So, yes, there are some basic parallels that can be drawn from the movie, but I don't think they include Batman dealing with his sinful nature (since I don't think it's fair to impose Christian paradigms onto works of fiction that are independent of our Christian world). However, I believe there are also marvelous lessons we can still learn from the movie (as we can from many great creative works).

Ok. I think I'm done being a geek now. :)

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