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Yep, Calvin was the man. His commentaries are still the standard that liberal and reformed theologians reference.

I haven't read Institutes yet, but now that I can get it for free...


The only downside, and this is something we can all agree on, is the length of the book. It would be a consuming read if it was only 100 pages instead of its actual 1,100 because of both its scope and depth. That being said, a good overview of the work is to read Calvin's "100 Aphorisms" given at the end of the book:

I especially like #50:
"The sum of the Christian life is denial of ourselves."

Steve K.


I have to take issue ;-) "John Calvin is not hip these days"? You must not be familiar with the Reformed resurgence in the U.S., led by folks like John Piper and John MacArthur and even Mark Driscoll.

I'm half-joking, because I'm pretty sure you're keen to all that. I just thought it was funny to read "John Calvin is not hip these days." In certain circles, there seems to be nothing more hip!

I, on the other hand, am not Reformed, and my preferred variant of the Christian faith, the Emergent stream, seems to be the preferred "whipping boy" of the New Reformed. I appreciate what one Reformed Baptist pastor wrote recently:

To quote Rodney King: Can't we all just get along? ;-)

Steve K.


Yes Steve (and how in the world did I miss that fact that you live in Charlotte?! I hail from Concord, NC),
there are indeed lots of Calvinist meanies running around like they own God and, in His name, commit lots of the 21st Century equivalent of burning-at-the-stake against the current crop of those they deem as Servetus types (word to the wise: don't accept invitations from Calvinists like he did!).

You are absolutely correct that the true current "whipping boy" of Protestantism is the Emerging Church and, yes, the Reformed camp has leveled numerous volleys its way. Like you I do not call myself "Reformed" other than to say I am a "reformed agnostic" - and as such I introduced myself once to a stodgy group of Calvinist classical educators who were checking up on my "Reformed" credentials. I admit that while I am keen on John Calvin I am, at the same time, often terrified of his latter-day followers.


So what is the schedule for this endeavor? Or is anyone actually going to read it?

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