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Since I know I am not Calvinist, nor even a fan of Calvin, I think I'll pass on the book club selection.


I understand, David. I would love to hear your suggestions for any future selections.


Thanks for inviting my thoughts on a book to read and discuss.

Since your current book is large, it will be a while, no, before you need another idea?

My favorite Christian author is George MacDonald. I'd have to give some thought to what would make a good book for group reading and comment.


Calvin's huge tome is probably the worst choice imaginable for a reading group, now that I think about it. Something fictional would be much better. I like MacDonald...I remember Philip McGuire always had me read his works. So maybe I can have 2 reading groups...!


Came across the following quote from Calvin:

"Doctrine is not an affair of the tongue, but of the life; is not apprehended by the intellect and memory merely, like other branches of learning; but is received only when it possesses the whole soul, and finds its seat and habitation in the inmost recesses of the heart."

I like it and thought I would let you know, it isn't that I am against Calvin.

I cannot get into my heart that God pre-destines anybody to either salvation or damnation. I am also, a bit apprehensive about killing heretics. May be because I have some folks that think that of me!!

The point I really want to make here (additionally to sharing the Calving quote), I think I decline an interest in Calvin because I don't have the time to read a long book!


No problem, David! John Calvin is definitely a lightning rod type of figure who draws both intense praise and harsh criticism. His participation in the arrest and burning of Michael Servetus was actually minimal - the blame actually resides with the Taliban-like Geneva city council (a body with whom Calvin had much influence) rather than Calvin himself who appealed to them to spare Servetus. Not to justify Calvin completely but executions were a common thing in his day and Servetus was the only person executed in the long span of Calvinist-controlled Geneva.

BTW, I found something you'll love - you can download MacDonald's "Unspoken Sermons" here:

As far as the double predestination.... I love Billy Graham's quote that "God will not let anyone go to hell in peace."


Ok, I am admittedly a rather pointed critic of Calvin's views. However, I will gladly read the book since Calvin, unlike most other theologians, really sought out a systematic, thoughtful and consistent "system" of theology. I really admire the ambition and commitment, even if I do not agree with his conclusions.

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