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Terry Henry

Greg: Soemthing is happening here and I don't quite know what it is....all these old-timers getting hooked up again after "Oh So Long".

Saw your post to that e-mail thing that Pat Rowland or somebody sent and had to check out your blog.

Sandi and I left Living Water after 22 years along with 3 other elder couples.

During our struggles with the "Leave your mind at the door" mentality, we happened to meet with Bryant and Amy.

Then Reed and Tab left a month or two before we did and Reed referenced his friendship with you as a benchmark kind of thing.

Anyway..great to hear from you. Keep up the good work. I like you selection of books...where's the poetry. LOL

I have been reading Octavio Paz and Lorca and think that spanish can be a magical language.

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Buenos Dios (?)


Hi Jan! I am so glad that you'll be there to help the team. Hopefully we'll get to know each other better while we are there.

See you in June.

John Fuller

Hey guys,
Wow, long time no see. It is great to here what the Lord is doing through you guys in Mexico.

Kevin Thomasson

Great to hear from you guys. Keep up the great work! Send me a e-Newsletter to keep me up to date.

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