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What is your house number?? John painted those little houses at least twice. They used to all be light blue, with dark blue trim, but John turned them into a little basket of easter eggs with his extra paint about 5 years ago on a short-term trip, then finished them on a family vacation the following winter.

Did you get my message that Crystal is coming with me???

We'll need to meet Victor in Laredo on Thursday, 7/20 to do the paperwork on the van, then we'll fly out on Tuesday, 7/25. Angela thought you might want to make the Laredo trip with them. I'm sure we could find something to chat about during the 3-hour return trip!

Be seeing you soon!


J and G,
Love the "cute" house. I sent out a prayer request for a washing machine!


Hi Linda,

We're in #25 - the last house before you get to Instituto Mexico Nuevo. Jan is busy transforming this little cinderblock structure into a home!


The Oldham kids

Hey guys,

We noticed the high caliber reading material being read by the boys. We LOVE Calvin & Hobbes!

Adios amigos!
Jake, Drew, Meg and Ellie

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