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Well, I don't know about you or Blanca but I am pretty sure if I ironed all day or even half a day that it might kill me without even washing my hands!


Sure, but we are talking two hours a week! I ironed this morning in my pajamas... a big no no apparently. The women here don't iron until the afternoons. No one can really tell me why though!


Ok so two hours a week might not kill me but it would be rough. It is funny the things we do but don't really know why...I heard a joke about a woman who always wacked off the end of a roast before putting it in the roasting pan but when asked why by her daughter said "I don't know why, my mom always did it this way"
So she asked her mom who didn't know why who asked her mom who said...Oh that was because my pan was not big enough for the roast. So generations later they were still doing it that way for no reason.
With the advice coming from her doctor...do you mean an M.D. to stuff cotton in her ears and wait to walk home after ironing...I guess this is why I am so paranoid about health care in Nicargua. Who taught the doctors this information?
BTW, you had better watch that ironing in your PJ's if you get sick we will all know why. Seriously I am sorry that she is no longer ironing for you I know how much it helps to have that done and of all places I know how important it is to be well ironed.
Does Angela have this problem with folks feeling that ironing will harm them?


No, they all have to iron, especially since the majority of them wash their clothes by hand, so they wring them out before they hang them out, which causes even more wrinkles! It's just that Blanca is apparently having some health problems and the doctors, yes the REAL doctor, is saying that it is caused by ironing. Who knows??? That is something that it seems most latin americans believe in.

Flor Moya

I personally don't trust Nicaraguan doctors. My father died 15 years ago due to medical negligency at the Hospital Militar in Managua.


Check this out.



Or see what you find if you search here..try pasmo and post partum



I iron my own clothes and have for years.I iron standing on a cold concrete floor
too (probably why my hair fell out though). Every morning of the week -pants and dress shirts -iron, starch, iron. It all wrinkles during the car ride -what a waste.

But there is no way I would do this for my whole family so my recommendation is to tell them boys in the house to get in line for the iron and do their own but they will have to do it in secret. Can you imagine the buzz over them doing the ironing and what heck you would catch for not doing it for them?


I bet that if Blanca saw the boys having to iron she would do their ironing for them because of the shear horror of having to watch them iron.


Well, she has watched Jason iron and she thinks it is hilarious that he is so slow. She DIDN'T offer to iron it for him, though!


PLUS, I actually enjoy the ironing. It is quiet and I get something accomplished... kind of like why I enjoyed mowing the lawn when we had one. You get it done and it lasts a little while, and you have some alone time when you do it.


Hey Jan,
yes, blanca has watched me iron and made plenty of comments :) But I had to fight with her the first two months to be able to earn the right to use the iron, however slow I might be with it. I think she just finds it amusing... I hope blanca feels better soon, until then, best wishes ironing!


OK, sorry! So Blanca didn't want you to iron, Jason. Well, she has now surrendered the ironing to me, and I don't expect that she will be taking it back.


do you ever worry about anyone in town reading this since u said that your blog was linked to that site


Well, in reference to Jan's "Paparazzi" post, it seems that the town already knows about everything we do...and if they don't they just make things up.

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