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steve r

Ah...I miss Masatepe...

I so enjoyed the time I spent there. I really do hope to get back to see you all again soon.


WElllll, let's see. In Boone tonight, I stood out in front of Earthfare and watch the moon and the stars and some wacky college kids fo a while. Then I came home.


I think that if I lived in a small town, I might actually live in a neighborhod where the neighbors had the time to visit and it wouldn't just be a quick hello and goodbye in passing. I miss doing that! Other than that I figure a town is a town. All of us do similar things in our day to day life don't we?


I forgot to say anything about your comment on my blog Jan. I have some pretty sunset pictures from Montelimar. I take it that's close to San Juan del Sur? Or were you talking about Jeremy Meeks' picture?


That is too funny. Never knew you thought of your alternate world as mayberry.

Does Greg fancy himself as Andy, Barney, Otis, Gomer or Clyde the barber?
What does that make Jan? Which one of the boys is most like OPIE?

THis is a small town. Got lunch at the sub shop, picked up a few things at the home improvement store, went to the earthfare for a smoothie, got gas, went home and cleaned. Cooked dinner, picked up the kids at the movies and took the boyfriend home of said kid. Got home, had some tea, reasearched a few stocks. Nothing real exciting here. Oh, yeah, took some pictures
of my baby chicks and put them on the blog
and enjoyed the sunshine today too.

worlds apart yet very little difference.
The daily stuff is what most of life generally is. Now I am going to bed and I bet that it is a universal experience too.


Wait. You wanted to know what we would do if we lived in small town but I think you might have meant what would we do if we were you in your small town.
I would do a lot of what you did today.
I would go find a place on a map that I not been to before that appeared to have water near it and go get in it. I might also
take a fishing pole to that said watery place. If that was not an option, I would
find another place I had never been and go there. Definitely I would try to do something or go somewhere I had not been before or try to look at something different. Since Ernest Hemingway lives in the house there I would tell him to begin writing the memoirs too.
I would eat something spicy hot while I was at it and then go to the Ekimo to cool my tongue off. Then I would find some reggaeton
songs that I thought my friend in the US would like and make him a copy.

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