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Charlene Knightly

Thank you for the comment on the site... it was incorrect and I thank you for pointing that out! One day I would like to take the time to read your blog, but until I get a better internet connection I will be unable to devour it!
God Bless,


well, if it was your new daughter I would say what a beautiful and cute new daughter you have, and I know Jackson will have fun playing with her.

Seriously what a fun little monkey. I wonder if it will grow up nice or have a nasty streak and bit. I have a friend who was a vetinarian and says "it is not a question of if the monkey will bite but when the monkey will bite"


Hey whats up with this? I was suppossed to get
the first parrot and the first monkey. I guess I will live through you know. I'll be watching to see
if the monkey is all it's cracked up in my mind to be.


Monkey, get my shoes. Monkey, get me a pepsi. Monkey, turn off that light. I remember that!

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