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She looks so beautiful in her Target dress. The grin is well worth the price of 5 dresses! Mercy would be jealous.

Shelli Wakeman

What a cutie! I can imagine that she never wants to take it off. She'll miss you if you get that other rental!



The other rental is only for all the guests, teams, interns that come. We plan on staying put in our house for a while. I really like my house!

About the dress, we actually gave it to her right when we got home, but her mom didnt let her wear it until her birthday. She had to lock it up in the closet to keep her from putting it on every day.


Greg.. Guess being referred to as a Don
makes you realize you are getting old!

Let us know how the adoption process is going.


Am so glad for you guys...with the adoption. Keep us posted.

The neighbor girl is SO cute! Don't think we got to meet her when we were there.

Don Goyo

When I first came to Nicaragua I wasn't referred to as a "Don" but after a year here I began noticing that people were starting to call me "Don" Greg. So now I'm officially an old fogey!

Steve - I'm surprised that you didn't see her or HEAR her (she can be quite loud at times!) while you guys were staying here. That pic catches her perfectly...that smile melts me!

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