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Hey! I know that house...from the outside anyway. It looks great! congrats on finding one that will work out well.


Hey Con,
Yes, I thought you might recognize it. If you're on the main street going toward the park turn right at BanCentro and it's the 2nd house on the left. Good location - 2 blocks away and central to everything. It's waiting for you guys!

steve rice

Looks AWESOME! PTL! Hope I get to come and stay there sometime in the future!


Is this where Angela & Victor lived, or does it just resemble the house they lived in?


Good memory Linda! Yes, this is the same house that Victor & Angela lived in for 5 years. They're excited that we're renting it because, as Angela told us, it's full of happy memories.


Beautiful!! Looking forward to seeing it in person!


Thanks, Greg! They were living there in 1998 when we visited. It was a wonderful first visit, so of course I remember being there. And we have great memories of visiting on that front porch, rocking in the mesadoras. We didn't sleep there, so we'll look forward to staying there in the future!

Shelli Wakeman

It looks very nice there! I'm sure that your family will be glad to have the house to themselves from now on! Though I really enjoyed your home too. Congratulations!


I really like the house. You did a good job and it has plenty of room for large groups. It's not like when we were 19 people in a house with 3 bedrooms.

Dar Draper

I am LOVING that yellow paint on the porch and in the hallway! I can't WAIT to be a guest there!!! :) Love you guys!! Dar :)

Connie of Boone

Hey Dar,
Have you been a lurker out there? I think this is the first post I have seen of your on Greg and Jan's site. Hope all is well with you all and I like the yellow panit too but I think that front porch need a hot tube for relaxing in.

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