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Final sentence says "at the time of her conception". Does that mean A)at the time she conceived Jesus, or B)the time SHE was conceived??

If it's A, I'm with you. If it's B, please explain.

Give our girl a hug!!


not to push in on Greg and Jans blog but it is my understanding that in catholic theology Mary was conceived without sin...so B Why? Well the thought is if Jesus was gonna be perfect both his parents had to be perfect. I believe that it was Agustine who believe that sin was passed along by the act of sex it self. So if you are born and there was no sex involved in the creation of you then you are sin free at the start. Anne (mary's mother) was already messed up that is sinful by nature but if Mary was concieved with out sex and thus sin then she would be OK for being Jesus Mom. If I am not mistaken it is a theology that is from the middle ages. That said I could be wrong ignore me somewhat and read this http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/07674d.htm


B, Linda... and Connie's explanation is what they believe. But, that said, ask a lot of Nicaraguans and they don't realize they are celebrating the conception of Mary. They are just as confused as we are!


I guess my confusion entered in when you/Greg start with "It is commonly confused with the doctrine of the virgin birth, though the two doctrines deal with separate subjects. Mary was conceived by normal biological means, but her soul was acted upon by God (kept "immaculate") at the time of her conception."

I thought you had begun to explain, or make comment on, the concept, therefore was wondering if you/Greg were stating your own belief that Mary's soul was acted upon by God... :-)

Now you know why I asked you to please explain if your answer was "B". :-)



No, we don't ascribe to this belief. Mary was a chosen woman, and should be honored, but she wasn't sinless! Greg was just describing what the Catholics believe.


I don't know I think Greg may be a closet catholic pre vatica II. Last time I was down there I think I saw one of those candles with a santo on it in your house...oh wait that was mine. opps. And a photo of the pope on the refrig.
=) Connie

Juan Arellano

Here in Perú it is not an extended celebration. But in Iquitos, the city where i live amidst the amazon jungle, they do celebrate it. 99% of the people dont know what the festivity is about, they are only thinking in beers and party, "La juerga".


Jan, how can you say that Mary wasn't sinless? What evidence is there to support your opinion?


Mike, this isn't my personal belief, but rather the beliefs of the Latinos concerning Mary. It's an explanation of the holiday "Purisima". I believe the only sinless one to be Jesus Christ.

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