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Hey guys! Ok, so i haven't talked to you guys in forever, and it makes me sad, so i don't know why i haven't written or anything. However, i was just online looking up something for my mom, and i decided to come here because 1) i haven't for quite some time, and 2) i have it saved under favorites, and i saw it, so i came. Reading it, especially the articles you had on this list that i was there for, made me miss being there and made me miss you guys so much more. So i thought i would leave you this little comment. I miss you guys alot, and i would love to go there for even a week this summer, but i am pretty sure i am going to Africa and Israel with my school and it is costing $3000, so i don't think i would be able to get the money. But some other time i guess... hopefully... I know you miss me Greg. :) Well, i will write to you guys soon, really i will, and i miss you guys and love you all.

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