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can agree with peace in fallujah and all of iraq but i can't see how imposing christianity is going to either work or be in the best interests of the iraqi people.


Hi Hal,
Here's another poem I wrote yesterday about this situation:

Rise, O Morning-star! Rise in Fallujah.
Rise in the hearts of the battered,
Rise in the hearts of the militants,
Rise in the hearts of the Marines.
Bring in the Day, O Morning-bringer!
For Your Kingdom may the world see.
Toward Your Kingdom, O Lord, draw
these that will kill
these that will bleed
these whose hearts will be torn in two.
Bring in the Day, O Lord.


Let me add these thoughts...

First off, I don't think the U.S. is imposing Christianity on Iraq. If this is what you think I'm advocating then you've misunderstood my intentions. The position I took in the poems is one of "rising above" the conflicts currently raging in the Middle East - Arab vs. Jew, U.S. vs. Islamacist, Muslim vs. Christian, etc. If you noticed I even included a quotation from the Koran in the poem (something some Christians may lambast me over).

To me, the issue here is that, despite the tremendous mess humans have made in the Middle East (in this case specifically Iraq), I believe God Almighty is at work. God rises ABOVE the equations I listed above : Jew/Arab, U.S./Islamacist, Muslim/Christian/Jew. This would be better published as a blog entry post rather than in the comment section so I need to gather my thoughts for that.

Thank you, nonetheless, for commenting.


Wow, Greg!! The poems and the picture are beautiful. Yes, I, too believe God Almighty is at work today. I pray for True Peace in Fallujah -- for the residents of Fallujah as well as the soldiers. Bless you.


Praying for peace, and an end to all of the suffering soon. Thanks for reminding me that I need to be keeping this at the front of my thoughts..


wee also pray for your peace in fallujah
cheers mate


REally appreciated poem about Fallujah. You beautifully put into words some of my own thoughts regarding the pressence of God in the midst of everything even the chaos of war. Hi is ultimately in control. The knowledge of his Sovereignity is what gives me peace about Amy's involvement there. My brother -in-law who has just left Iraq and now is in Germany as his wife faces danger daily had this to say. "We need to come to terms with the concept that none of us..either in our safe civilized US homes or in the chaos of the war in Iraq are guaranteed a tomorrow. Life is not chance or a roll of the dice....There is a bigger presece here...when you get to a place of understanding that, then the peace comes..."

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