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How neat!! I remember how much I enjoyed field trips as a kid. That was great of you guys to do that!


Anna Marie enjoyed going on the field trip with you all. She said it was refreshing to see the pride the Nicaraguan BK employees took in their work. She wished it were possible to bottle some of that gratitude and share it with US workers who have bad attitudes, bad attendance, do a half-hearted job, and are overall ungrateful for the jobs they have. I guess it's all in one's perspective.


I've said the same thing to the BK corporate guy who is in charge of training all the managers in Nicaragua. The restaurant here is a huge contrast to the majority of BK's in the States (of course there are exceptions!). Part of the reason is that unemployment here runs as high as 80% and so that means even fast food restaurants can be selective in hiring.

And department store sales clerks here are so professional and helpful. You don't have to chase them down and "bother" them. That's Jan's pet peeve in the States!

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