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Sorry, that's so upsetting, especially there, police, all the 'working it out' which is sometimes not even legal, but then again what is legal? People helping out, yeah, sarcastic, that's what that can be. I remember backing up a van into a tree near the 'mercado Oriental'...i think i heard, 'caballo', 'idiota' and many other helpful words. Oh my people, my people. Preach more on Col. 3, "above all things put off falsehood..." Be strong.


Concerning the onlookers...it hit me that they serve the role as a kind of "chorus" when such dramas play out. Perhaps that's where the ancient Greek playwrights got the idea of the chorus from anyway, who knows? The best (or worst, I guess I should say) chorus was the one in Granada when a lady on a bicycle intentionally hit my car and tried to make it look like an accident. When these things happen I often feel as if I'm a character in a Greek tragedy or comedy.

Mi gente, mi gente...pues, hermano, su gente son mi gente ahorita y por la gracia de Dios, allí va yo.


Good comparison, very funny. Glad you're well.

wendy maritza de leon guevara

hola DIOSITO los bendiga los admiro mucho bueno solo les quiero decir que dios tiene grandes planes para ustedes y el sabe lo que necesitan sigan adelante sindesmayar

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