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yes, yes...good cops, bad cops. Not many good cops that I can recall. $80.00 and you kept your drivers license, i assume, you got off easy!


You must realize that you are a marked man when you take the highways. This time your silver tongue did not work for a male policeman as it did with the female cop earlier when we were there. Remember speed kills or either costs you money. By the way did you get your Nicaragua drivers license yet? Say hello to everyone, I will e-mail the boys soon. Tell Blanca hello for us, and how we loved the meals she prepared and the great fruit drinks. Talk with you soon.


Just to clarify... he wasn't speeding! That was what was so uncanny about the whole thing. Everything the policeman said was a lie. So so sad.

Carol Duval

Well there's a real "Welcome to Nicaragua" for you, huh girls? I'm sure it wasn't funny while it was happening but I gotta tell you; Glenn, his parents and I were laughing like crazy at Gregs telling of the adventure. I know 80.00 dollars is a lot of money but just think....at least you won't be paying a surcharge for 5 more years!!!


I guess I should have included the fact that the Kenyan police also had assault weapons but they didn't point it at me. I got off real easy - it only cost me $12! Great story.

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