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In short, we are working with Centro de Fe, Esperanza, y Amor (a pretty large denomination) in Mexico. We are originally from North Carolina. We've been out of the US since June 2003.

100 things about us:

1) We lived in Nicaragua from June 15th, 2003 until June 22nd, 2006
2)We now live in Mexico, outside of Monterrey
3) Before that we lived in Concord, NC
4) We both graduated from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC
5) We worked at a children's home in Crossnore, NC
6) Greg was the Activities Director and PE teacher
7) Jan was a teacher to the special needs kids there
8) Greg was a campus minister at ASU for a group called Campus Connection
9) It was there that Greg & Jan developed their love of discipling others
10) Greg also worked delivering pizzas in the meantime
11) Feeling financial pressure (and not exactly trusting the Lord!) Greg left campus ministry and applied to law school
12) During the waiting time he was a server at Applebees
13) We are interested in politics
14) Greg was once appointed Honorary Lt. Governor of the state of NC for a day
15) A few days later, the actual Lt. Governor was indicted on corruption charges...
16) Greg denies any culpability in these corruption charges
17) Greg was a teacher at a Classical Christian school in Concord
18) He taught Rhetoric
19) Literature
20) US History
21) Spanish
22) Jan was a Realtor in Concord, NC
23) She sold over a million dollars in houses in her first three months
24) She was in real estate for almost four years
25) But now we have willingly chosen to live simply
26) It's like living out of a backpack
27) The maritime term is "schooner rigged"
28) Greg once wanted to be a rockstar
29) Jan once wanted to be a backup singer
30) Jan was a worship leader at a church in Charlotte, NC
31) Their band was called the "garage band"
32) They ate pizza at their worship team rehearsals
33) They were great friends
34) It was a really really good band
35) Jan plays the keyboards and acoustic guitar
36) She's never tried to play electric guitar
37) Her guitar has a pickup on it, though
38) Greg plays guitar a little bit
39) He sometimes played for Jan when they were dating
40) He also cooked for Jan when they were dating
41) We dated for eight weeks and got engaged
42) We got married five months later in 1991
43) We have now been married for twenty-one years
44) Greg's a descendant of Confederates on both sides
45) He's also a descendant of Kit Carson
46) Jan was born in Hawaii
47) Her dad was out to sea and didn't see her 'til she was four months old
48) Greg once served in an elite military unit called the Boy Scouts
49) He was kicked out of the Boy Scouts for behavioral misconduct
50) Greg' birthday is September 6th
51) Greg met Jesus on May 24, 1988
52) Jan met Jesus on September 6, 1984
53) We didn't know each other in 1984
54) But Greg really loves the book 1984 by George Orwell
55) Greg started liking U2 in 1984, when hardly no one had heard of them
56) We still like U2 in 2008, when everyone has heard of them
57) We'd like to have Bono over for dinner
58) We'd serve him chicken & dumplings
59) Greg loves spicy food
60) Jan doesn't so much
61) Sometimes our dinners consist of varied plates
62) We live in a pueblo called "El Carmen"
63) It's really HOT in the desert of Mexico
64) Greg teaches at Calvary Ministerial Institute
65) The students all hope to be in ministry someday in Mexico or around the world
66) Jan is an English teacher at Mexico Nuevo middle school.
67) We believe we are making a difference in the lives of young people - discipling them
68) In 21 years of marriage we have lived in nine different places
69) All the places were in North Carolina except for Nicaragua and Mexico
70) We've lived in sixteen different apartments/houses.
71) We really don't like moving
72) Our stuff is spread out all over the world
73) We only brought two suitcases each when we moved to Nicaragua and then to Mexico
74) We also brought our awesome Boxer, Rommel to Nicaragua
75) He's a purebreed actually named Romulus Remus Rex
76) We had a pet rabbit in Mexico named "pecas" (Freckles) but the coyotes ate her :-(
77) We don't know how long we will live in Mexico
78) We committed to two years in Nicaragua and stayed three
79) We like Mexico a lot
80) Especially the food
81) We like the slow pace of life
82) We only recently got hot running water in our house
83) We are blessed to have air conditioning
84) We went eight months without having a car to drive in Nicaragua
85) We were blessed with a NEW minivan in October 2006.
86) Nicaraguan buses are called "chicken buses"
87) Sometimes there are chickens on the bus
88) We like hosting people to come here
89) Greg has a hard time hosting teenage girls (they get on his nerves!)
90) Jan teaches Greg how to deal with teenage girls
91) We are thankful that God gave us sons
92) Greg likes Missiology (the study of missions)
93) Jan isn't one to think about such things a lot
94) We like to travel
95) We dream of going to Europe
96) Greg went to Greece on a mission trip
97) He worked with Muslim refugees there
98) This was just after September 11, 2001
99) The trip was planned before
100) We love being missionaries and are trying to grow in our calling and make a difference in this crazy world.



our interests include:: what god's doing in our generation book, i better let her tell you what she likes... i (jan) like third day, the late rich mullins, we don't like tofu., books, finally, delirious, and natalie merchant (go figure!) we both can agree that mexican food is quite delicious. and, and more books! art (especially german expressionist pre-1920 art) music - i (greg)like classical