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Connie of Boone

Humm there is a lot of what you said or he said, I am not so sure about.

For example
"In our culture, they just expelled the indigenous peoples, but here they were enslaved, violated, used, ravaged, and taken advantage of. (I pointed out that not all of our Indians were expelled, but they also faced similar things.) "

From what I understand none of the US indigenous here were expelled and if so to where. The invaders just "relocated" them to the worst land possible, killing many of them in the process and refused to let them maintain their culture or speak their languages, and also took their children away in some circumstances. Of course if you look at the few left in the US they seem to have more problems than most Mexicans.
But the one thing the invaders of north america didn't do with some exceptions of course that those in mexico and central and south america did to a great extent was have sex with indigenous peoples (of course some exceptions). I understand that largely this is because spanish invaders came without families where as the English did send families. Puritans and quakers at first which of course which was the start of our religious heritage, while they were about reformation it was the church of Englands reformation not "THE Reformation" Although it seems no one has been able to reform the Church of England...(said tounge in cheek)

If by "ANTI-reformation" he means the catholic church, that was about all that Spain had to offer at the time.

I don't know. I realize that you didn't give a complete account of what he said or meant but sometimes things I have heard that are similar to this way of thinking about things are simplified and come out of lots of assumptions that may or may not be true. Tor example values that say a concept of time is good, no concept of time bad. When the concept of time comes from all kinds of things that are not good or bad just a cultural necessity. I suppose in some ways concept of time will be increasingly a matter of necessity as many countries begin to "do business" with the US.

Just my opinion but I think many of the reasons he cited are things that are particularly important to american(US)culture.

I know I know I can be a pain in the ___ about this kind of stuff....Sorry. Just thinking out loud...maybe even off base thinking...but thinking none the less



Connie's observations are interesting. Would have loved to hear this pastor, nonetheless.

I think that whatever his perspective, the challenge to Mexican nationals to envision the plan God has for them and to reach out beyond themselves to impact the world is powerful!

Thanks for sharing. Always love to read your blog!



Thanks Steve! It was very interesting to hear this brother. He is super intellectual and loves to dissect different cultures and different ways of thinking.

Con, I will comment on yours only by saying that I think you would have found this guy thought-provoking (like you always do!) and you would have enjoyed his lectures. My simplistic generalizations of his week-long seminar leave a lot to be desired, but if you could have heard his forty hours you probably would have agreed more.

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