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Oh you are just making coming down sound so appealing. But I must add haveing experienced only four weeks of a rainy season there. It does not necessairly rain everyday(although I guess it could this year) and when it doesn't you start to long for a little rain to knock out the heat. Also IMHO Coulmbia South Carolina has got Nicargua beat on nasty humidity. Also it is really funny to see a whole town react to a rain the same way people in Boone do to 4 inches of snow.
But I have already been trying to think of ways to deal with the flys and please tell me no one has had malaria, dengue yet?!


i can't stand the sound of storms and rain on the roof of anything i sleep under. Connie loves it. She says i just don't have good memories associated with the event.

knowing my mom gets on once in awhile to read this i will blame her for getting so excited about everything when big storms happened-or maybe it was just me-but it seemed like the windows had to be shut, the animals covred up and the dogs always seemed to run away when it stormed. not sure why else i hate it. hang in there looks like big storms are stirring in central america. I guess that storm up in honduras is pushing some rain your way.


Oh yeah-blame it on Mom! We did seem to have a lot of lightning strikes that took out TV's, etc. You're having serious wet weather there!

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